Sermon on the Mount

Tonight I went to an event called Sermon on the Mount.  I actually attended the same event 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it so, when it came back to town, I attended again.

The main idea is that Dr Lew Sterrett compares our relationship that we have (or don’t have) to that of the relationship he (as a trainer) has with the 2 year old colt he was working with.  It was amazing to watch as he took the unbroken colt who had never had a saddle on and worked with him.  All the while gaining trust and a building a relationship.

He showed how once the relationship has begun, what happens when pressure is applied or bad things happen.  To illustrate this he had a rope that he used to apply pressure around the flank area of the horse.  The horse was obviously uncomfortable and as expected, tried to get away from the pressure.  This is the same thing we do in life.  We run away from things, we get angry, fight back.  When what we need to do is turn to God.  Trust in Him.

The Dr. made an interesting point, he said feelings can’t be helped.  Often, people tell you, ‘you shouldn’t be mad, or afraid’.  But, feelings are natural and the important thing is to know what to DO when these feelings arise.  Instead of running, we need to trust God because He is guiding us with the end in mind.  There is not anything that happens to us that He does not know the reason.  Even when we don’t understand, we must trust.

For me, that is such a good feeling! It takes the worry away.  So many times I try to control things or dwell on something that’s happened but it’s of no use. To be reminded that my heavenly Father is in control is such a comfort.  I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord and this event has been such an encouragement.  I have made some decisions in my heart tonight…to have more humility, to give up control to God, to trust God in the situations in my life right now that are scaring me.  I’m a work in progress and I’m so thankful for the grace that God has for us as humans.  It truly is amazing- that he can take us and transform our lives! Amen, Amen and Amen!