“We really are watching the clock Governor….”

Wow! The second presidential debate was pretty intense.  This video shows how Candy Crowley “reigned” in the two candidates.  I find it funny that most of the clips are really her reigning in Governor Romney.  Coincidental? I think not.  I also chuckle when watching this clip because the president acts like a little first grader, running to Candy every chance he gets.  “Candy…Candy….”  It reminded me of “Teacher…Teacher…Help me! Make him stop!”

Anyhow, one of the reasons I am posting this is because I was talking with a friend a couple days ago and asked her if she’d been watching the debate.  She said yeah, and then proceeded to tell me how a lot of her coworkers were saying how rude Romney was.  I was inwardly appalled because I never got that impression.  Yes at times, they were more aggressive in this debate.  But, to me it seemed like Romney was fighting just to get his equal time (which by the way did not happen – Obama got more time: Read this for more info on WHY).  But, that same evening that I spoke with my friend, I heard clips from the media in regards to how the second debate had gone.  The clips were media all talking about how rude they thought Romney had been in telling the President : “Mr President, I’m still speaking” when the President was trying to interrupt.  This just shows me that there are so many people out there who have no idea how biased and skewed mainstream media is today.  This media is trying so hard to influence this election in the direction of Obama.  I really think it is sad that people don’t know that there are accurate sources of information out there and they can instantly have the truth at their fingertips.

Anyhow, back to the debate.  My favorite part of the debate was the last question, I believe.  The one that asked for something about who the candidate is.  Mitt Romney’s answer was a splash of cold water.  Honest and refreshing.  This is someone who will be a true leader in the troubled times that lay ahead of us as a country.