Trunk or Treat

Tonight was the first time that my little boy has gone “trick or treating”.  Actually, it was really “trunk and treating” since the event was held at our church and the kids just go around and get candy from everyone.  Halloween has never really been a holiday I’ve been fond of.  Maybe because I don’t like a lot of the scary stuff that goes along with it.  There is a darkness behind certain things that I don’t care to expose myself to.  But this evening was fun because it was about spending time with others, and after getting the candy in the parking lot, we got to go inside and eat, play games and just enjoy the fellowship of others.

What I enjoyed more than anything was seeing how much fun my little boy had.  I got him a blue, plastic pumpkin to put his candy in and he held on to that pumpkin for the entire trunk or treat time outside.  The first two times he got candy, the “givers” had to put it in the pumpkin for him.  By the third time, he got the hang of it and was taking the candy and putting it in the pumpkin.  After a while, his pumpkin started to get heavy and he was dragging it along.  He almost fell over once from the weight but quickly recovered.
As for costume, he was a puppy dog.  I took an old winter hat of my husbands, cut out black, felt pieces and hot glued them on.  It was adorable.  Then I just used eyeliner for whiskers and there you have it! A super easy, cute and cheap costume.

Anyhow, after having his hands painted with a spider and cobweb, munching on snacks, running around the dinner hall, and coloring, it was time to come home.  He had a good night and I will remember this first halloween forever.