Day 16: A Funny(kindof) Baby Story

I know I’m wayyy behind on my 30 day Blog Challenge! But I will finish my 30 topics even if it’s not quite in 30 days… So anyhow, today I had an interesting outing with my 16 month old.  After his morning nap, I took him to the local library to take back some books and hopefully (if I was able- having him with me) pick up some new ones.  So, I deposited the old books into the “return cubby” when we walked in.  We quickly grabbed some new childrens picture books to take home and then I let him play in the kiddy section for a while before leaving.  After a while, he started to get a little rowdy and so I took him to the checkout line so we could scootch on out of there.  I got a little whiff of something and thought “uh oh, I think he pooped” I decided to just change him when we got to the car.  But then, I realized as I was holding him, and his butt was on my arm, that he had leaked through his diaper.  I tried to stay calm.  I mean, it wasn’t dripping out or anything like that, but just the fact that poop is on your arm makes you immediately want to go wash off!
We got to the car and I laid him down to change him and pulled out a clean diaper and went for the wipes and….um….”where are they?” I’m thinking….”oh NO, I left them at my mom’s house!” (we stopped there before the library).  So, I did what moms do best, and made do with what we had.  I cleaned him pretty good considering.  Rediapered and clothed and we were off!
It just figures that the only times you forget your wipes or whatever else it may be, is most certainly the time you will need it!  I’m just glad that at least I had clean diapers and pants!!!