Three Areas to Watch

I was going to email this link to some family and friends and I decided to write a little bit to go along with the email.  By the time I was done, I decided, I really should have just blogged it because I think it is very interesting and important article that I’m referring to.  So, that is why this post may be a little jumbled…it was written as an email, and in a hurry.

 This is a long article but is really worth the time to read if you can…even if you have to skim some parts.  Will scare the pants off of you though.  Basically talks about the 3 areas that we need to focus on right away as conservatives.  The first is the U.N. Arms Trade and Law of the Sea Treaties. The day AFTER the election, the U.S. backed a call to renew the debate on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  They want it to appear that this is just regulations on govt to govt transactions, and govt to dealer transactions.  However, it is potentially a GREAT threat to our 2nd amendment: the Right to Bear Arms!  Please keep a close, close eye on this.

The second issue is the EPA and all the environmental and energy regulations that are going on.  Very detailed…Very scary…especially the projected number of job losses due to regulation in eventually every industry. The article states

“The American Council for Capital Formation estimates that the new EPA regulations already in place will result in 476,000 to 1,400,000 lost jobs by the end of 2014.” This is just due to the regulations ALREADY IN PLACE!

Last, author Larry Bell, points out our grim situation with the supreme court judges.  If the wrong ones are put in place, we could forever lose our domestic gun rights in this nation.  He also makes some interesting points about the court of appeals, which is extremely important and one judge, in particular, who sits in the court of appeals:

“A key target of liberal ire appears to be Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who, at the age of 47, is young enough for consideration as a future Supreme Court nomination. The left knows that repeated media portrayals of conservative judges and their opinions as radical or out of the mainstream is an effective tactic.

The last paragraph is this:

With four more years ahead, and the Executive Branch, the Senate and the mainstream media stacked against conservative values, we have no choice but to prepare for a regulatory tsunami and just hold back the floods where we can. This isn’t going to be easy, but then, nobody ever promised us a White House Rose Garden. We must now double-down on our efforts to win it back before only restrictive thorns remain, and before our economic future turns to brambles.

Please read the article for more information as I have just briefly skimmed the bubble on the surface of the freshly poured glass of milk!