Day 7: My Bucket List

It’s funny the way things work out sometimes.  I have made a list of 30 plus topic ideas to write about for my 30 Day Blog Challenge.  One of these was Bucket List.  Then, yesterday another blogger “liked” my last post.  So, I went to her blog to check it out and she is like a Bucket List Pro.  She is the Extreme Adventure Club (me and my sis’s adventure club haven’t done or thought about doing some of the awesome things she’s done!).  Her link is here:    You should check it out, she’s done some amazing things.

After viewing her blog, I decided today would be the day that I would write about my bucket list.  It’s things that I would like to accomplish in the next year most likely.  Maybe a little longer.  So, here goes:

  1. Go Zip-Lining with my dad and sister.
  2. Ride horses at least once before the year is up (haven’t ridden for almost 2 years!)
  3. Go to Florida with my husband and little boy- it will be the 1st time either one has seen the ocean.
  4. Go to Tennessee – Mountains…enough said
  5. Go foraging for mushrooms- this is something that I actually thought about doing the other day after a good friend referred me to a local site that will take you on a day trip to hunt edible mushrooms.  They feed you two meals and teach you.  I think it would be REALLY fun!
  6. Move.  I love our home but our land isn’t really meeting our needs and it’s time for a change.  I’m hoping to get our house up for sale and sold within 6 months maybe.  Scary but exciting!
  7. Build something- a doghouse, birdhouse, bookcase. Anything really. I would love to have some kind of skill with woodworking.
  8. Send someone a card every month.  Something that lets them know they are appreciated, cared about, being thought of, or prayed for.
  9. Compete more.  More 5k’s, a bicycle or kayak race, volleyball games…I want to stay fit by having fun and competing.
  10. Raise a Garden.  Unfortunately, my well laid plans just completely fell through this year.  After having my yard plowed up I couldn’t ever get anyone with a tractor to till it for me.  I’m never trying to raise a garden again unless I have the tools to do it myself…So, next summer I plan to have obtained a tiller by then! Can’t wait!!!

So, that is my bucket list as of right now.  It is constantly changing though as I think of new ideas I want to try or some ideas go by the wayside.  What is your bucket list? Please share!


The Adventure Club

About three years ago, my sister and I formed this little club.  “The Adventure Club”.  The idea was that we would get out and do some fun activities that day to day life doesn’t really allow.  I think we went kayaking one time.  I can’t really remember why but it just never got off the ground.  I am a pretty active person and I like to run, exercise, and am starting to get into bike riding and kayaking a little.  Me and my sis have actually done a couple of races this year (a 5k and a Warrior Dash).  They were really fun and we want to do some more.  So, we decided to bring the “Adventure Club” back from the dead and give it one more shot. 

I figure that if we are already running and are planning on doing some bike runs and paddling then why not put a name to it and make it a little bit more official?  Perhaps it will help us to be a bit more dedicated.  I have already made a mental list of the activities that I want to undertake this summer and fall and they are: riding horses, kayaking, hiking to some special places in our area, indoor rock climbing, and running a 5k in september.

I think these are very “doable” and I am excited to have our little club again.  This past weekend was the kickoff and we went kayaking on the river.  It was pretty tame but that’s ok.  The point is getting out there and not just being one of those people who say “yeah lets go do ____ (insert activity) sometime” and then never follows through.  That is a pet peeve of mine and I decided some years ago that I didn’t want to be like that. Since that time I have tried to be a someone who follows through with what I say….

Anyhow, Adventure…Here we come!!!!