Day 16: A Funny(kindof) Baby Story

I know I’m wayyy behind on my 30 day Blog Challenge! But I will finish my 30 topics even if it’s not quite in 30 days… So anyhow, today I had an interesting outing with my 16 month old.  After his morning nap, I took him to the local library to take back some books and hopefully (if I was able- having him with me) pick up some new ones.  So, I deposited the old books into the “return cubby” when we walked in.  We quickly grabbed some new childrens picture books to take home and then I let him play in the kiddy section for a while before leaving.  After a while, he started to get a little rowdy and so I took him to the checkout line so we could scootch on out of there.  I got a little whiff of something and thought “uh oh, I think he pooped” I decided to just change him when we got to the car.  But then, I realized as I was holding him, and his butt was on my arm, that he had leaked through his diaper.  I tried to stay calm.  I mean, it wasn’t dripping out or anything like that, but just the fact that poop is on your arm makes you immediately want to go wash off!
We got to the car and I laid him down to change him and pulled out a clean diaper and went for the wipes and….um….”where are they?” I’m thinking….”oh NO, I left them at my mom’s house!” (we stopped there before the library).  So, I did what moms do best, and made do with what we had.  I cleaned him pretty good considering.  Rediapered and clothed and we were off!
It just figures that the only times you forget your wipes or whatever else it may be, is most certainly the time you will need it!  I’m just glad that at least I had clean diapers and pants!!!

Day 15: A super easy CHEAP recipe I tried today.

I made this today (and already ate some before I thought to take a picture).  I really liked it.  I don’t know if it’s because I was pretty hungry, or just in the mood for hotdogs or if it was just a good combination of foods. But, I wanted to share the recipe because it is super easy and if you have any picky eaters they would probably eat this.  This recipe is a Kraft recipe.  If you want to go to the site, just click on the word Kraft below.  Enjoy!

Cheesy Corn Dog Bake – this recipe is from Kraft

1 package (8 1/2 oz) cornbread mix
1 Cup frozen corn, thawed
4 Hot dogs; cut up, sliced or however you want
4 Kraft cheese slices cut diagonally

How to make:
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
2. Prepare corn muffin mix as directed on package.  Stir in corn.
3. Pour into 8 inch square pan that’s been sprayed w/cooking spray and top with hotdogs.
4. Bake 20-25 min or until cornbread is golden brown.  Top with cheese, cover and let stand 5 min or until melted.

Now, what I did that was a little different was to use 1 can cream style corn instead of regular corn.  Next time I think I will add the regular corn as well though.  I wanted more kernel texture in there and the cream style just didn’t give quite enough (it was good and moist though). I also sprinkled mine with shredded cheddar cheese instead of topping with slices.

It was definitely a recipe I will make again.


Day 14: A Hobby of mine

           I have an aquarium.  I really enjoy having tropical fish.  They are pretty, fairly easy to take care of, are always a good conversation piece (especially with kids), and they are stress relieving to me.  Unfortunately, my aquarium is not as nicely set up as the one above but I hope to make some new decor additions soon.
Growing up, we had an aquarium when I was an older child and it was so much fun!  My dad obtained the aquarium from I don’t know where (I think my uncle), and began to tinker with it.  He got it up and running and got the pump going.  Pretty soon we had a tank with some guppies and two black and white angelfish.  We had fun getting the fish and learning how to introduce them into the tank.  We got to watch some guppies give birth (guppies are livebearers).  It was a lot of fun!  Looking back at that time in my life, It was something I will never forget.  I think that is why today, I have a fondness for fish.
My Tank consists of orange/white swordtails, 4 cory catfish, a good sized pleco, and 3 blue gouramis.  It is pretty simple but I enjoy it and someday would love to have the space and location for a tank that’s a bit bigger than my 30 gallon.  Although I now know the responsibilities of having fish (unlike growing up when dad cleaned the tank), along with the enjoyment, I still love passing this hobby on to others when given the chance.

Anyone else ever have fish? Did they like the experience? Please share…

Day 14: Book Review

“My Life Next Door” by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I grabbed this book the other day when browsing through the library.  It’s a young adult book and I have to say that I really did enjoy reading it.
“This is a story of young/first love between two teens (Samantha and Jase) that grew up next door to each other, yet never really knowing one another.  Jase is a Garrett, and is from a big family with a messy yard and fun times. Samantha, on the other hand, lives with her often absent mom (who’s a senator) and sister.  Her mother deeply disapproves of the Garrett’s and their way of life and they live such different lives that Samantha has never even talked to any of the Garretts since they moved in seven years ago. That is, until one night when the handsome, caring Jase suddenly befriends Samantha.  She becomes entwined in his world yet he is not really part of hers (not by his choice).  They fall deeper in love each day until the unthinkable happens and Samantha has to decide which family she is going to support and stand behind.

Note: There is some language and drug use by one of the characters in the book but it ends positively showing the dangers of addiction.  There are also some heated scenes between the two lovebirds.  I really enjoyed this book though.  So, there it is…my review.

Day 10: If I could be any type of Pro Athlete…

I missed a day…But I’m back on track and for day 10, the topic is “What Kind of Pro Athlete Would I Be?”.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh

I was a pretty active kid growing up.  Roller skating around the house (another fond childhood memory!), swimming all summer, running everywhere I went.  I also stayed active throughout most of my teen years: playing volleyball, swim team for a short time, lifting some weights here and there.  Nowadays, running has become a main part of my workout routines…Still, I think volleyball would have to be my favorite sport of all.

Not to long ago, I posted on my addiction to the Olympics.  This got me thinking about which sport I would want to compete in as an Olympian.  It would definitely be Sand Volleyball.  Not that I’m particularly fond of baring that much of my body in public but because the USA women’s teams had an amazing time at the Olympics.  They made it look fun and simple and easy.  Not that I’m under the illusion that any of it is.  But, they were inspiring to say the least.  Especially Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.  This was the third Olympics that they had won gold at.  Amazing!!!  Unheard of….until now.

So, that is the kind of Pro Athlete I would choose to be.  What about you?

Picture from:

Day 8: Decluttering My Life

I got a book at the library the other day on decluttering and organizing.  I was really motivated just by browsing through it.  So, later that evening, I organized and cleaned out half of my dresser drawers (Going to do the other half soon!). Then, I got to thinking about the drawer next to the fridge.  Everyone has one….Come on, fess up! I know you do.  The “catch-all” drawer.  It’s where pens, pencils, paper clips, matches, small instruction manuals, fish food, old business cards and who knows what else, goes.  Well, I thought about it for a day or two.  Devised a plan.  Got some containers (I spent under $5 total!).  And, finally….ATTACKED!  Here is the before: (It’s BAD!  At first I couldn’t even get the drawer open to take the picture.)


And now, since completing this project, I feel lighter.  I know it’s only ONE drawer, but THAT drawer was really the worst drawer I had.  And It’s been that way for years.  Here is the after:


I know it’s still full. But it’s SO much better!  I’m so happy about this.  I think we don’t realize how much clutter burdens us! How much it weighs us down.  Now that this drawer is done, I really want to accomplish a task like this at least every other day until I get my entire home organized.  I know I could keep it organized if only I could have a system that works.  And I am going to find one!!! This is just the first step.  I will keep you posted on my decluttering status.  Goodnight All!