Another year…

Well, another year has passed and I have checked in only one time to this blog! Sometimes I think, “I should just delete the blog”.  But I know that I really want to do more writing and there are reasons that I am currently absent from this blog.  School has taken a big portion of my life.  Now that summer break is here I am hoping to make additions more often.  I was thinking about the direction of my blog and there are so many interests in my life that there is no way I can focus this blog on one topic.  There are many topics I will probably cover if I post regularly!  Therefore, the name “Day by Day” is pretty fitting.

Right now I am enjoying having some free time from school. You will probably be hearing about my gardening efforts as I am super excited about the garden right now.  I have been planting a lot and spending any spare minutes I can find in one of my gardening areas around my house.  I have put in peppers, tomatoes, multiple types of salad lettuces, summer squash, beets, green beans, sunflowers, zinnias, strawberries and asparagus (Trying to put in some perennial crops for years to come).  I feel blessed to have the space and resources to be able to grow food at my own home.  One of my goals this summer is to become adept at canning/preserving.  Some of the things I want to can are: green beans, tomatoes, pickles and possibly beets.

Something else that has been taking up some of my time this spring has been our new chickens that we acquired this year.  They have been a lot of fun to learn about and take care of.  We get a fairly steady flow of eggs and the chickens help take care of a majority of our kitchen scraps.  Their manure goes into the compost pile.  We let them free range every evening for a few hours.

So, this is some of what has been going on lately on our little homestead. More to come…hopefully soon!  Will try to get some pictures on here.

Forever and a Day

It’s been SO, Seriously, SUPER long (forever and a day) since I sat and made myself write on this blog!  It’s a good thing that this blog is mostly just for my enjoyment…an outlet for my thoughts.  Based on how much I’ve written, you would think that I really don’t have many thoughts in my head.  I do, really I do…all the time. But who HAS the time to write about anything, let alone frivolous thoughts that are just for yourself???  But tonight, the bug hit me…(the writing bug, not the stomach bug!) and I just had too many thoughts to contain in my brain and I had to get them out!  Here’s one for example…I was thinking about myself and realized that if there were a phrase that would characterize myself it would be 100%.  Really, it was like an epiphany.  Whatever I do, I want to do it 100 percent.  Whether it’s being a mom, (which I love), or school, or being the best wife I can be, or cleaning the house, or helping someone out….I truly do try to give whatever I’m doing my best, my 100%.

I also realized tonight that I want to eat healthier.  Maybe it was the rush of endorphins after I did an impromptu 6 minute ab workout to wake myself up (Guess what? It worked!!!) that caused me to feel this way…but I just am tired of the junk! I really need to clean it up and get back to wholesome foods, I really want to be vegetarian again, its just hard when you live with and cook for meat eaters…it really is.  But that’s no excuse, I’m still going to try and hopefully make some big changes.

Hmm….what else? I’m just excited in general this evening because this summer holds some exciting opportunities.  Going on a big (big as in FAR away…) trip this summer to visit family, and possibly, hopefully, going to get a new job if all goes according to plan.  Well, I would like to write more but I have got to balance the checkbook, pay bills, practice a skills test so I can ace a skills check off at school on monday and finally, sleep so I can work tomorrow….whewwww! I’m exhausted just writing all that out…maybe I should get back up and do another impromptu 6 minute workout…nahhh!   Good night all!

The 3 Day Detox

I can hardly believe it’s been over 4 months since my last post….I’d keep meaning to write and time just got away from me…or it would just get pushed to the end of the list…again!  Life has been busy though…I’ve picked up more work and am trying to stay more on top of cleaning (trying is the key word here) which really does take a lot more effort.   Right now, I need to go get some sleep, but I just had to write aimlessly about something I’m excited about….

Getting Healthy!  This is what I’ve been working on…  Over the last 2 years, I have somehow put on about 10-15 pounds.  I didn’t really even notice it until lately b/c I think I put it on very slowly…but “BOOM!” there it was all of a sudden and I slowly realized I had to change.  So, my sister, my mom and I all went on this “Dr Oz 3 Day Smoothie Detox” which was absolutely awful!!!  I found it on pinterest and thought “wow this looks really cool and good!”.  I mean, I absolutely love smoothies…but these weren’t smoothies…they were a whole blender full of pulp and some juice.  At one point during the detox, I actually thought about getting on pinterest and making a board called “Pins I Don’t Recommend” or “Pins I’ve Tried and You Should Avoid”.  Somehow, we muscled through it (maybe by tweaking the recipes just a tiny, tiny bit).  And by day 3 we really were feeling lighter and better!  We dove right in to eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible and very little cooked food….Tonight at work someone told me I looked like I was losing weight! I am really excited because I actually have lost a little bit! I am motivated and still feeling better and tighter in areas that had started to become a little flabby.  I am excited to keep going down this path of health and detox!


News on the Cleaning Front

I blogged about my clean sink the other day and I have to say that, I’m really trying to retrain myself.  I have been trying to adopt new cleaning and simplifying habits that will make a big BIG difference if I keep at it.  Today is day 5 of keeping my clean sink.  On top of that, I’ve also been trying to do a load of laundry a day (not just washing it and putting it a basket like I often do, but folding it too!) and have also been giving my timer a workout.  I set it for 15 minutes and just focus on decluttering/cleaning a certain area by taking everything in that area and sorting it by keeping it, giving it away or throwing it away.  This is the Flylady method, by the way.  I know many of you who keep a clean home probably wonder why this is such a big deal, but I just had to write a little bit about it again because I am SO inspired!  I am so excited to finally have found some motivation and methods to keep me on the right track.  For me, just having a system is what helps.  If I have a system to follow, then I can do it…but left to my own means, the house gets ugly…and dirty….really really quickly!  If I keep my sink clean this entire month and make it a habit, I am going to reward myself in some small way….I haven’t decide what yet, but something small to keep my going…That’s it for now.  Not much today because it’s kind of late. Have a great night all!


Polished Sink

Today, I was reading a blog that I follow called “In House Counsel”.  She had written a great post called “No More Stuff: An Acquisition Suspension”.  Inside of that post the blogger referred to the FlyLady I had to find out a little more with a name like that, so I clicked on the link.  I am so happy I did, because I found much needed encouragement to get some work done today. This month, FlyLady’s ‘January Habit of the Month’ is to Shine your Sink!
I read on, and after I was done, I went to my wreck of a kitchen area and started to dig in.  I took a before and after picture just to show myself how MUCH of a difference was made.  It felt good and I am really encouraged and motivated to keep it up.

Before: (yes…banana peel and all!)



After: (quite a few hours later)



I really hope to keep it like this as much as possible this month….try to form that habit of having a clean shiny sink! It makes me feel so much better!
Thanks for reading!

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Today, I pulled into my mom’s driveway and spotted a Red Bellied Woodpecker in the backyard.  I asked my little boy, “Do you see the birdie?”.  He shook his head yes.  I then told him we were going to try to get a picture of it.  I slid my camera out of my purse and zoomed ALL the way in.  This is one of those times I wish I had a really nice camera that would get a super clear picture.  But I’ll do what I can with what I have.  So, they aren’t perfect but I was excited to get them….Here are the pictures:


Looking Back to Christmas

It is cold outside, but hot in my house as I sit here typing. The wood stove is going, and as usual, it just about heats us out. I’m considering opening a window (even though it is 30 degrees outside). The baby is taking his midday nap. I feel pent up in here. I love being home but I just want to get out and accomplish something today…I guess writing a post will be a small accomplishment of sorts, so here I am.
Our Christmas was really good this year. Every year is a little different. This year it seemed that there were multiple family events to attend. Which was really fun for the baby, and good for us to see everyone! Something that my side of the family (not my husbands) is dealing with is the fact that my oldest sister and her family are leaving the country at the end of the month to be missionaries. I can only speak for myself and my feelings, but it has been bittersweet for me. I know that they are following God’s call on their lives and what they are doing is right and amazing and so much more. And I’m so happy, for them and the people they are going to minister to. But my own selfishness sometimes gets the better of me and I know I am going to miss them all terribly. So, I’m struggling with that and it comes and goes.
But other than their leaving at the back of my mind, Christmas was special. Getting to spend time with loved ones. Not feeling too rushed to get anywhere. Remembering the true meaning of Christmas and trying to pass that along to my little boy. I call him the “baby” but he’s really a toddler. I had a lot of sweet, short conversations with him about Christmas and why we celebrate. I also tried to teach him thankfulness this season. It warmed my heart that he would say or sign thank you (when prompted) to his gift givers. Even at this young age, he is able to learn that important lesson.
So anyhow, I’m kind of rambling. But I hope that all of the people reading this had a special Christmas season as well. Until next time!