I’ve been reading a book about adoption this past week called “The Spirit of Adoption” and the message has really spoken to my heart.  I pray that in the future, I can be an adoptive parent to a child in need.  There are many reasons I would want to do so. This book talks about one of the reasons, which is the war on children…How, first of all, if abortion doesn’t kill a child, then surely divorce will assualt them. If that does not work, then there are further attacks in the forms of child abuse, child pornography, child molestation, child slavery, and child soldiers.  If you are pro life, then one way to show that is to turn your hearts toward the orphans in this world…adoption is our faith being worked out.  It is a proactive life movement.

Something else that this book pointed out to me that I had never noticed was that there were quite a few deliverers in the Bible who were adopted.  Often, these deliverers were preceded by a battle against the children.  One of these deliverers was Moses.  At a time when Pharaoh was trying to get rid of all the baby boys in Egypt by having the midwifes kill them, Moses was somehow saved from this death.  When he got to big to hide, he was set in the Nile River and discovered by Pharaoh’s own daughter, who raised him as her own (adopted him). The book I’m reading put it this way:

“Within the house of Pharaoh, a deliverer grew stronger every day.  He lived in the very palace that had called for the war against children, and yet the adoption spared the life of this deliverer to come.”

Another adopted child who became a deliverer for God’s people was Esther.  She was taken in by Mordecai, her cousin, who raised her as her own. Esther was able to rise up and deliver the Jews in the hour of need due to her influence with the king.

Lastly, another man who was born without an earthly father.  His mom was Mary and was engaged to Joseph.  This is a quote from “The Spirit of Adoption”:

“This was not a child conceived by an errant fiance in a one night stand.  This was not an embarrassment.  Shame was not the destiny of this child.  No, He would be a deliverer.  Jesus needed a father figure on earth that could protect His mother, raise Him properly, and teach Him a trade.”….”Joseph wholeheartedly adopted the Son of God, and in doing so, played a role in the salvation of the human race.”

This was a different viewpoint than I had ever taken on these Biblical figures.  I think these stories are significant.  “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world”  James 1:27.   Are we living out true religion?  Are we really prolife? or do we just talk the talk?  There are other ways to get involved other than adopting.  Helping in a crisis pregnancy clinic, volunteering in some way, helping adoption agencies….fostering…

Check out this link to see more about the Hands and Feet Project that Audio Adrenaline (the singers in the video) started in 2004 to help orphans in Haiti:

Smart Meters: Friend or Foe?

A couple months ago, I got a few calls from our electric company.  They were offering a program called “Simple Saver” for those who wanted it.  They offered a one time credit up front [after the installation of your direct load switch(s)], and then an annual credit of so much for each appliance that you enrolled (a/c unit, pool pump or water heater).  It sounded good. It sounded nice…and I was almost convinced.  But then I started thinking……When I asked questions about the program and it’s purpose, the lady on the phone told me that at times of peak power use, if there was a lot of strain on the grid, then they would be able to turn back the thermostat somewhat.  I told the lady that I would look into it, talk to my husband about it, and then make a decision.  I later decided not to get the installation of the product.
After reading up on this product, I’m glad I didn’t.  This program seems to be marketed different ways but, from what I’ve seen, is basically what many people refer to as a smart meter.
People who oppose the smart meters, do so for various reasons. Like  the “Stop Smart Meters” website, where it says “Fighting for health, privacy and safety”.  Check out their site to see a little more about the recent news in this debate.
Some of the questions I have in my mind about this topic (starting from least to greater) are: “What about all the jobs that are done away with because of these new smart meters?”  How did the meter usage get recorded in the past?  Oh yeah, from a person who would manually record every month so that you could get your bill.  What happens to their positon? Maybe that’s not the only job responsibility they had…Let’s hope so.
Also, I’ve heard, from listening to discussions on this debate, that these meters can record not just the amount of energy that your home is using, but which appliances are using the most and when.  According to this electric company’s website, their company has access to that information ONLY if you as a consumer want to share it with them.  This company also says the meters they use record energy usage every 15 minutes.  It is via a radio frequency which they say is very minimal.
Obviously at this point, every company is different in their terms…such as, some give you the choice to get a smart meter (like mine) and some mandate it and say they are no longer using the old meters (like the company in the link above).  Maybe the difference is that some of these are pilot programs, they are trying it out and seeing what the acceptance is in the community (I read info on many pilot programs like this) and seeing what the savings are like, etc.  The other programs, that are enforcing that everyone switch to these new meters (like the Naperville, Illinois woman who just got arrested) seem to be implementing these programs on a wide scale at a higher level already.
For me, I just don’t feel comfortable allowing any person or company to have that much control over something in my home.  It’s information collecting.  Whether the electric company sees it or not.  That information is still being collected and stored somewhere.  There’s a reason that this information is wanted and we have to think about the WHY? behind all of this.  Sure they give us a $10 credit and we feel all good and fuzzy inside because we feel like we’ve done our part to help lessen the load on the grid, thereby helping the environment.  But, is that really the point of all this?  I believe it is all about collecting and controlling!  While writing this, I found this video and he really makes many good points, all of which, relate to the fact that that these meters are an infringement on our privacy.  I’m not really concerned as much with the health risk, if there is any, because there are many health risks all around us every day and we will never be able to eliminate them completely.  However, when you are able to tell when I am home, when I am gone, when I have decided to use the woodstove instead of the heat pump, when I put in a humongous new fish tank that eats up the electricity, or if I decided to start some tomato and eggplant seeds in my back room and am using fluorescent type/grow lights to do so….when you can record and analyze and store my personal habits, I definitely think this is more than helping the power grid…This is about collecting data and power/control of people on a mass level.  Please take 3-4 minutes and watch the video below and most importantly, do your OWN research.  Make your own opinions NOW.  As I have said many times before: Know what you stand for.


More Articles of interest pertaining to smart meters:


“We Have Seen His Glory”

This song always moves me.  I would love it if you could hit the play button below and scroll down to read the words along.  God is good!  He is truly amazing! Hope you enjoy the song.  (I “bolded” some phrases that are especially meaningful to me)

He fed the thousands who did not have bread (Luke 9:10-17)
I saw him bringing people back from the dead (Luke 8:49-56)
He drove out demons from the demon-bound (Luke 8:26-39)
And taught us how to walk on holy ground

He made the leper’s skin like new (Luke 17:11-19)
The storm dissipated when he told it to (Luke 8:22-25)
Took jars of water turned it into wine (John 2:1-11)
The Savior even healed this heart of mine

We have seen His glory
We have seen His glory
We have seen His glory
The one and only son

I was there the day when the dove came down (Matthew 3:16-17)
Saw soldiers with thorns to make His crown (Matthew 27:28-29)
Felt the whole earth quake, darkness on the land (Matthew 27:51-55)
After he was dead, he came to life again (Matthew 28:2-10)

I was there when he said that he couldn’t stay
Was on the Mount of Olives watching Him fly away (Luke 24:44-53)
In the upper room with power, the Spirit came
To give us guidance as we declare His name

Repete Chorus

I see how he works in our lives today
Through the things not explained any other way
I have known his guidance and I understand
The contentment shown by His loving hand

I can see Him working in His family
Who are clearly following their destiny
I can feel his power in their unending love
An awesome power coming from above… above

Repete Chorus

We have seen the glory of the Son

Layoffs Abound…

I know, I’ve been doing a lot of posting about political topics, but I can’t help it.   I feel like this is a way for me to get things off my chest.  It’s a way to share important topics that need to get out, as well.
So, here are two very interesting articles I’ve linked.  The first is an article about financial experts and their view of Obama getting re-elected.  The second is an article listing business that have announced big layoffs since the re-election (you won’t believe how many!).  So, please read…Stay informed.  I know the election is over but that doesn’t mean as citizens that we can just go on with life unaware until the next presidential election is getting close.  We have to stay alert. We have to read up and know what our beliefs on the issues are.

What financial experts are saying:

Also: How many businesses have decided to layoff? Read to find out!

Other articles about layoffs:

  • Steve Wynn (casino billionare & job creator) – GREAT article!  This guy has Obama pegged.  He is absolutely on the mark.  He is a job creator, Obama is not, and therefor needs to stop lecturing and creating class warfare!
  • Boeings Defense Division
  • David Siegel (billionare) has a change of heart & gives all employees a raise to help them through hard times.  (Thought this was interesting…At least he’s trying.  We’ll see if it can last)

    (Picture is from

Time to Hunker Down

The election was a big letdown to me this year.  I was so sure that Romney would win and that while our country would still have such a far way to go, that at least, he was the better choice.  I cried as I watched Romney’s concession speech because I thought of how badly America needs a leader who will be able to guide us through the tough times ahead.  Someone who actually has experience in turning around big businesses. That was Romney’s specialty.  He knew how to turn things around for businesses that were going down hill.  And isn’t the United States basically one of the largest “businesses” in the world?  We needed someone who would really work together with the congress and senate not just act like they want to.  Someone who would really try to keep America on the right path, not the wayward one we’re going down.  Someone who would bring unity, not divisiveness.
After Romney’s speech, I turned the tv off.  I couldn’t take a victory speech from Obama when I was so disappointed.  I didn’t want to hear about how he wanted to bring America together and move “Forward” when he has spent the last four years dividing this country while acting indignant when accused of doing so.
The next day, I adjusted my attitude and though saddened for America, faced the fact that Obama did win.  I thought about why.  This should’ve been an obvious choice.  How can Americans look the other way when our own men died in Benghazi?  How can people look the other way when the President repeatedly lies?  Our constitution is being buried alive.  Our country will live on but it is not a country with the same principles that we were founded on…that made us great.
I have just begun reading the book “Common Sense” by Glenn Beck which is inspired by Thomas Paine.  Beck writes that “America is a unique and special place that is a beacon of freedom for the entire world.”  I ask you, if we lose that, what do we have?  What is it that has allowed America to thrive for so long? It is our constitution, freedoms and rights.  There has never been anything else like the constitution and yet our nation has been choosing to move farther and farther away from it.
Americans need to prepare themselves for hard times ahead.  Proverbs 6: 6-8  “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer and gathereth her food in the harvest.”  It’s time to hunker down and get busy.  I looked up the definition of “hunker down” and it means: “to settle in at a location for an extended period” or “to maintain a position and resist yielding to some pressure“.  The point is this: we have the same president for another four years, whether we like it or not, and we need to be prepared because it is not going to be an easy road ahead.  Inflation, gun control, socialism and more is coming our way.  When things get bad, I want to be able to take care of my own.  I want to be able to be a blessing to others.  I want to be prepared.  It’s time to hunker down my friends!

Lyrical Inspiration

This song by Rhett Walker Band has just been amazing to me the last month or so.  Sometimes a song will just catch your attention and mean something special to you.  Well, that’s what this song is for me.  When I looked it up and watched the video today, I was even more touched.  Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.

“Be Intolerant”

I had commented on a facebook conversation the other day.  It was in regards to someone complaining about political yards signs and asking what the purpose was and saying they just alienate your neighbors and don’t change votes etc etc….  I normally just disregard this kind of thing because I know it’s probably pointless to join in or state my opinion.  But, this time I did comment because I’m tired.  I’m tired of not standing up for what I believe in.  I’m tired of sitting on the fence in a way (because even if I have strong opinions, often saying nothing is standing up for nothing).  So, this time, I left a comment on how I was thankful to still live in a country where I can still put a political sign in my yard and not be fearful for my life because someone else may disagree with it.  I was respectful and thought about what I was writing.  It turns out that this did not sit well with the person who posted the original post (actually an extended family member) and the path our conversation went down amazed me! I tried in each response to be respectful and state the truth about our right to free speech. Finally, after I responded about 3 times, I stopped because I felt I had proven my point without needing to go any further.

Although this whole conversation was more of a political nature, it reminded me of a book I read in high school in 2003.  It was called “Be Intolerant”.  I’m sure the title of this book would offend many right off the bat.  But it is a book about the epidemic of tolerance and how to be intolerant in love.  As a Christian, I think the only way we can have that love is through the Spirit of God in us.  Because, I know, on my own, I do not have the desire to be loving to those who I disagree with in conversations like the above.  However, since I asked Jesus to come into my life, I am able to feel a love for others that just wasn’t there before.

In the book, the author Ryan,  talks about moral relativism, which is a viewpoint that says what is right or wrong for you depends on what you think is morally right or wrong.  It means everything is relative.  Basically, there is no absolute truth (funny how when people say this it’s a declaration of absolute truth in itself!).   For example, “I know you think living together before marriage is wrong but I don’t really have a problem with it so, I don’t think it’s wrong.”  The spread of moral relativism is strong in America today, I see it all the time.  The author also points out how moral relativism and Christianity don’t mix.  In John 14:6 Jesus didn’t say I am only one of the ways to get to God.  He said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.”

One interesting thing I learned from this book is why people belief this way.  For one, it’s a much easier way to live. “Everybody’s doing it”  to quote the book:

“Before you know it, you’re considering ideas that would have seemed crazy not too long ago.  You hate one of your classes? Not one will mind if you skip it once.  You want that cd player at the stereo store? It’s a big corporation; they won’t even miss it.  You and your girlfriend want to have sex? It won’t hurt anybody.  When you start down this road, you can rationalize just about anything.  The operative line is “It’s right for me.”

The second reason people believe this way is again because it makes your life easier, but this time because you don’t have to take a stand on anything.  Someone’s cheating? “Oh well, that’s their business. It doesn’t affect me”  Your friend is talking about religion, honesty or loyalty? “Whatever works for you, it’s not my thing.”

The third reason this is a popular belief is that people can kind of choose their own variety of religion.  Choosing the parts they like and discarding the things they don’t.

However, there is a downside to moral relativism.

“It’s an empty existence.  It’s fun when things are going well, but what does it offer when you’re down? Who are you going to lean on when life starts falling apart?”…..”moral relativism lacks meaning.  Purpose. Passion.  I mean, what does the relativist have that’s worth dying for? He’s always looking, but he never finds real joy or peace or rest.”

The Christian walk is, of course, the narrow path.  It is harder. The other path will have more popularity but it ends in a dark way.  Matthew 7:13-14  “Enter through the narrow gate.  The gate is wide and the road is wide that leads to hell, and many people enter through that gate.  But the gate is small and the road is narrow that leads to true life.  Only a few people find that road.”
By taking the narrow path, we have not only have something that is worth dying for, but living for as well!

In the end of “Be Intolerant” Ryan says

“Telling people that moral relativism is wrong and Christianity is right isn’t about being judgmental or spoiling anyone’s fun or favoring rules over free expression of one’s personal idea of right and wrong.  It’s about being a hero.  A rescuer.  The person who will go to any length to save people from a disaster they don’t see coming.”

He says you have to learn to be intolerant – in love.  And he gives ways on doing just that. I could write much more about this book.  I hope I’ve portrayed an accurate picture of this book and it’s heart meaning.

I guess another reason I wrote about this book is because I’ve had a couple people say things to me about my blog (in a positive way).  That they like it, that I had a strong stance. Someone also mentioned to me how words can’t be taken back once they are in writing.  I understand that thought….and it has held me back many times before.  But, like I said, I’m tired of sometimes being or appearing on the fence with my beliefs.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and be purposely rude or offensive, but that I will stand up for what I belief in.  I think it is extremely important to know where you stand, now more than ever.  I do, and I stand with freedom and liberty.  I stand with truth and honesty.  I stand with justice and integrity.  Most importantly, I stand with Christ Jesus.