Project: New Tank

I am so excited! I have a project that I’m working on.  My 29 gallon fish tank sprung a leak about two weeks ago and I had to do an emergency transfer of all my swordtails, blue gourami, cory cats and pleco to a small 10 gallon aquarium.  They are crowded to say the least and I’m trying to make them as comfortable as possible during this time with frequent water changes and hiding spots, etc.  (I’ve added a little more decor since this pic was taken)

Anyhow, I was given a beautiful 55 gallon tank by my brother in law which I am fixing up.  I’m wanting to make my main focus of this tank a set of angelfish…maybe even two sets.  I’m researching right now and I’m learning so much about aquascaping (landscaping in your aquarium).  There are some really, really amazing layouts that I have seen lately.  So, I am going to try to document the progress of the new tank as I work on it.  Today, I ordered some special “gravel” that will be more conducive to growing aquatic plants.  Yayy!!! I can’t help it, this is one hobby that I have grown to love.  That said, I have to give a big “Thank you” to my dad, because he is the one who brought that big tank home  when I was a kid and set it up and sparked the interest at that point.  After that tank was long gone, I tried again as a teenager and failed…ending up with a moss/algea covered tank and dead fish.  It wasn’t until I read a fantastic book called “The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums”  (picture from Amazon), that I was finally successful.

This is by far the best book a beginner can get.  If you are interested in this hobby, I highly recommend it!  Anyhow, after reading this, I setup my tank and have had so much success with it.  I started with 3 green striped swordtails (the ones that are actually orange…beats me) and they have had lots and lots of babies. My husband and I both enjoy the fish: feeding them, looking for the babies when they are tiny, spotting the catfish when they come out of hiding, etc.  So, with my excitement bubbling over about this new project, I just had to get on here and tell everyone about it.  Anyone have any sentimental fish aquarium stories? or a favorite freshwater tropical fish they like?  Please share, I would love to hear your thoughts!