Foraging Adventures

I’ve recently become interested in foraging.  It all started when I began reading about herbal salves.  Apparently many salves can be made with common “weeds” from our outdoor surroundings.  I began to read more about the many plants that were bursting forth in my yard and many other places.  It’s like a whole new way of thinking has been opened to me.  My main focus is on plantain, chickweed, and dandelion, but I’ve been reading and researching so that I have the ability to search out new plants safely.

Here’s some of my recent pictures from one of my recent forages: IMG_20160531_163716226

This is chickweed.  I have found common chickweed and star chickweed growing side by side right next to the barn on our property.


I picked common chickweed and plantain (both above) to dry for use in making oils for salves.


Here is the dried chickweed (which I then used to make the infused oil)


I use this wagon to collect things when I’m around the house.  I have a handful of fresh plantain and the pile on the left was just weeds and treats for the chickens we have.


I thought this was an awesome find! It’s a yellow iris.  I looked this up because I didn’t know how it got there (I didn’t think it could grow wild) and found that it is actually considered a wildflower. It “escaped” cultivation and has a special fondness for wet, swampy areas (just like the area it is sitting in).