Another year…

Well, another year has passed and I have checked in only one time to this blog! Sometimes I think, “I should just delete the blog”.  But I know that I really want to do more writing and there are reasons that I am currently absent from this blog.  School has taken a big portion of my life.  Now that summer break is here I am hoping to make additions more often.  I was thinking about the direction of my blog and there are so many interests in my life that there is no way I can focus this blog on one topic.  There are many topics I will probably cover if I post regularly!  Therefore, the name “Day by Day” is pretty fitting.

Right now I am enjoying having some free time from school. You will probably be hearing about my gardening efforts as I am super excited about the garden right now.  I have been planting a lot and spending any spare minutes I can find in one of my gardening areas around my house.  I have put in peppers, tomatoes, multiple types of salad lettuces, summer squash, beets, green beans, sunflowers, zinnias, strawberries and asparagus (Trying to put in some perennial crops for years to come).  I feel blessed to have the space and resources to be able to grow food at my own home.  One of my goals this summer is to become adept at canning/preserving.  Some of the things I want to can are: green beans, tomatoes, pickles and possibly beets.

Something else that has been taking up some of my time this spring has been our new chickens that we acquired this year.  They have been a lot of fun to learn about and take care of.  We get a fairly steady flow of eggs and the chickens help take care of a majority of our kitchen scraps.  Their manure goes into the compost pile.  We let them free range every evening for a few hours.

So, this is some of what has been going on lately on our little homestead. More to come…hopefully soon!  Will try to get some pictures on here.

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