Forever and a Day

It’s been SO, Seriously, SUPER long (forever and a day) since I sat and made myself write on this blog!  It’s a good thing that this blog is mostly just for my enjoyment…an outlet for my thoughts.  Based on how much I’ve written, you would think that I really don’t have many thoughts in my head.  I do, really I do…all the time. But who HAS the time to write about anything, let alone frivolous thoughts that are just for yourself???  But tonight, the bug hit me…(the writing bug, not the stomach bug!) and I just had too many thoughts to contain in my brain and I had to get them out!  Here’s one for example…I was thinking about myself and realized that if there were a phrase that would characterize myself it would be 100%.  Really, it was like an epiphany.  Whatever I do, I want to do it 100 percent.  Whether it’s being a mom, (which I love), or school, or being the best wife I can be, or cleaning the house, or helping someone out….I truly do try to give whatever I’m doing my best, my 100%.

I also realized tonight that I want to eat healthier.  Maybe it was the rush of endorphins after I did an impromptu 6 minute ab workout to wake myself up (Guess what? It worked!!!) that caused me to feel this way…but I just am tired of the junk! I really need to clean it up and get back to wholesome foods, I really want to be vegetarian again, its just hard when you live with and cook for meat eaters…it really is.  But that’s no excuse, I’m still going to try and hopefully make some big changes.

Hmm….what else? I’m just excited in general this evening because this summer holds some exciting opportunities.  Going on a big (big as in FAR away…) trip this summer to visit family, and possibly, hopefully, going to get a new job if all goes according to plan.  Well, I would like to write more but I have got to balance the checkbook, pay bills, practice a skills test so I can ace a skills check off at school on monday and finally, sleep so I can work tomorrow….whewwww! I’m exhausted just writing all that out…maybe I should get back up and do another impromptu 6 minute workout…nahhh!   Good night all!