News on the Cleaning Front

I blogged about my clean sink the other day and I have to say that, I’m really trying to retrain myself.  I have been trying to adopt new cleaning and simplifying habits that will make a big BIG difference if I keep at it.  Today is day 5 of keeping my clean sink.  On top of that, I’ve also been trying to do a load of laundry a day (not just washing it and putting it a basket like I often do, but folding it too!) and have also been giving my timer a workout.  I set it for 15 minutes and just focus on decluttering/cleaning a certain area by taking everything in that area and sorting it by keeping it, giving it away or throwing it away.  This is the Flylady method, by the way.  I know many of you who keep a clean home probably wonder why this is such a big deal, but I just had to write a little bit about it again because I am SO inspired!  I am so excited to finally have found some motivation and methods to keep me on the right track.  For me, just having a system is what helps.  If I have a system to follow, then I can do it…but left to my own means, the house gets ugly…and dirty….really really quickly!  If I keep my sink clean this entire month and make it a habit, I am going to reward myself in some small way….I haven’t decide what yet, but something small to keep my going…That’s it for now.  Not much today because it’s kind of late. Have a great night all!


5 thoughts on “News on the Cleaning Front

  1. Glad you found Flylady. IT WILL WORK! It worked for me when nothing else had. It is amazing how little daily effort it takes to keep things together. And one of the best things she taught me is how you can’t organize clutter without wasting your life doing it. It just has to GO. good luck!

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