A New Year

The new year is here! Here are some things I want to do this year:
Read my Bible completely, in one year’s time. (I actually started this one on December 15th.  Trying to be the early bird, I guess.)  I want to grow closer to God this year, more than ever before and ONE of the ways I want to do that is by reading, studying and learning the Word of God.

Read at least a book a month.  -This one is a continuation from 2012.  I made the same resolution and….COMPLETED it! Actually, I read well over 12 books.  But it is a goal I like to always have for myself.

Have a special day each month where I specifically give to others.  Whether it be going to the nursing home with my little boy, to visit or pass out treats; or, dropping off lunch to someone while they’re at work.  Something thoughtful and something that is giving (of myself and my time).  I really want this to be more often than once a month but I also want to set realistic goals for myself.  I think this is such an important one for me to be an example to my little boy.

Of course, I have general goals as well but nothing specific.  Just things like: be the best wife I can be.  Forgive others when I’m wronged.  Be a true friend.  Listen more.  Be more positive.  Things like that…things that are always ongoing.  Because as the song goes “He’s still working on me, to make me what I outta be”.  I am a piece of clay, still yet to be seen what shape I will end up as.  But, I hope it’s something useful, something of value to Him.    Happy new year everyone!

2 thoughts on “A New Year

    • Hmm…that’s a hard question! I’m still kind of deciding. Liss just gave me “The Spirit of Adoption”. I want to read “The Harbinger”. Also, started Bill Johnson’s Heaven on Earth book, a little…Plus, The Bible (now there’s a biggie!). So far, I have read 2 Kane Miller fiction books, Genesis and Job, working on Exodus. And….I think that’s it right now. But I am going to make a complete list and possibly blog it so I can refer back.

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