Act of Valor

I watched this the other night with hubby and I thought it was amazing.  It showed the amazing capabilities of our seals to do these special operations and protect our country from terrorist attacks.  I have an even greater respect for the men and women who serve our nation after watching this.  The neat thing about this movie is that the men are played by active duty navy seals, which showed somewhat in the “acting” department, but I thought that was what made this movie more unique.  I didn’t want to see drama, I wanted to see behind the scenes of these operations and this movie definitely gave me a taste of that.  It was a little hard to follow at first but I was able to put the pieces together pretty quickly as it was going along.  I did watch it with subtitles, but that’s nothing new for me, as I rather enjoy watching with subtitles so I don’t miss what is said and don’t have to rewind (yes, I know I’m weird!).  But overall, I would highly recommend!

Here is a link on more about the making of ‘Act of Valor’:


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