To Veterans Everywhere:

I’m so very thankful for you!  Whether you have served in the past or present, your service has not gone unnoticed.  I am not from a “military family” and sadly have not been exposed to many men or woman who have served, other than the occasional occurrence.  But my regard and honor for all those who have served this country in the line of duty is extremely great.
Today, after church, my husband, baby boy and I, went out to eat.  An older man and his wife were in the booth next to us and he had on a black ball cap with gold symbols and the words military on the front.  I went over to him as we were leaving and told him “Happy Veterans Day”.  He smiled and said “Thank you” and I asked him if he had served and when he said yes, I replied with a big thanks and that I appreciated it.  I love little moments like this.  When I can tell one of our own that we care about the fact that they have given of themselves for  our country…that it means so much, protecting our freedom.
So to anyone reading, again, I just want to say Thank You Veterans! I admire you and all you do or have done for this great nation of America!

Sincerely, Gigglebox


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