Layoffs Abound…

I know, I’ve been doing a lot of posting about political topics, but I can’t help it.   I feel like this is a way for me to get things off my chest.  It’s a way to share important topics that need to get out, as well.
So, here are two very interesting articles I’ve linked.  The first is an article about financial experts and their view of Obama getting re-elected.  The second is an article listing business that have announced big layoffs since the re-election (you won’t believe how many!).  So, please read…Stay informed.  I know the election is over but that doesn’t mean as citizens that we can just go on with life unaware until the next presidential election is getting close.  We have to stay alert. We have to read up and know what our beliefs on the issues are.

What financial experts are saying:

Also: How many businesses have decided to layoff? Read to find out!

Other articles about layoffs:

  • Steve Wynn (casino billionare & job creator) – GREAT article!  This guy has Obama pegged.  He is absolutely on the mark.  He is a job creator, Obama is not, and therefor needs to stop lecturing and creating class warfare!
  • Boeings Defense Division
  • David Siegel (billionare) has a change of heart & gives all employees a raise to help them through hard times.  (Thought this was interesting…At least he’s trying.  We’ll see if it can last)

    (Picture is from

1 thought on “Layoffs Abound…

  1. I really appreciate the links you’re including with your blogs. The articles are interesting and well selected. Thanks Evie for bringing these topics to your blog and encouraging others to stay informed. You’re writing is educational and easy to follow!

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