They knew and They Denied Help

Today, Fox released a report (please watch THIS) about the Benghazi situation.  It is very obvious that our government IS and HAS been lying.  It amazes me that our president can say these things and think he can get away with it.  He obviously thinks that Americans are not smart enough to see what is going on and that he can get away with this scandalous LIE.  Watch this video that shows what the white house says at first and how the story changes in the days following.

This is ridiculous.  Looking back on the lies that have been told makes my jaw drop.  Now we have learned that the white house received emails that there was an attack.  We know that there was a drone that allowed the white house to watch the attack in LIVE time.  They watched as these men fought and were killed!  What makes this all even worse is thatwe now know that help was denied.  HELP WAS DENIED – not once or twice but at least three times!  This is maddening because there was options.   We could have had help there within two hours.  Some of our men weren’t killed until 6 hours after the fighting started.  The President ought to be ashamed of himself.  What happened to the “transparency” that Obama promised when he was running for president.  We’ve never had transparency.  He has hidden his radical agenda from the very beginning and has PROVEN to be a pathological liar.  I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth.  He says one thing and does another.  Or he says something and turns around and says the opposite.  I shouldn’t be surprised that he is able to lie about something as big as this too but all the same it is incredible that he is playing politics when American lives have died!

There is so much information if people are only paying attention and listening.  I tell you again, search out the truth!  It is so important in these times that we know what we believe and that we stand on the side of truth.  Read, learn, be proactive in your knowledge base.  You may need it in the coming times!


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