Wake Up and Pay Attention!

Tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan.  Please watch and make an informed decision about this presidential election.  I’m so sick of people ignorantly saying that ‘there’s no difference between the two parties and that it’s just a matter of picking the lesser of two evils’.  This is very inaccurate as the candidates, both presidential and vice presidential, have different views on almost every single topic of importance in this election!  One is conservative and one is liberal (or worse).

As an American, you have to think “Which candidate loves this country for all it stands for?”.  You have to ask yourself, “Which candidate will protect the safety of this country?”,  “Which candidate knows who the bad guys really are?”,  “Which candidate will get on their knees when the problems of this country are raging?”.   I think the answers to all these questions and many more are very apparent and easy to spot if you actually do some research and start caring about the state of our nation.   Study the character of both Obama and Romney.

People always wonder, “well what can I do? i’m just one person…”  Well, you can start by being informed.  Watch the debate tonight!  It’s the first step (being informed) and one that you as a citizen, really have a responsibility to do anyhow.  Shame on us. Shame on our nation for letting others (government) take care of the important things and not even caring or keeping them in check for so long now.
This nation is being destroyed from the inside out and it may be too late, no matter who gets voted in this election.  But we still have to do our part.  Start reading something every day to stay informed and then when opportunities come your way, you WILL know what to do with it.  You can make a difference.  Don’t just sit idly by any longer.  Act!!!

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