Day 14: A Hobby of mine

           I have an aquarium.  I really enjoy having tropical fish.  They are pretty, fairly easy to take care of, are always a good conversation piece (especially with kids), and they are stress relieving to me.  Unfortunately, my aquarium is not as nicely set up as the one above but I hope to make some new decor additions soon.
Growing up, we had an aquarium when I was an older child and it was so much fun!  My dad obtained the aquarium from I don’t know where (I think my uncle), and began to tinker with it.  He got it up and running and got the pump going.  Pretty soon we had a tank with some guppies and two black and white angelfish.  We had fun getting the fish and learning how to introduce them into the tank.  We got to watch some guppies give birth (guppies are livebearers).  It was a lot of fun!  Looking back at that time in my life, It was something I will never forget.  I think that is why today, I have a fondness for fish.
My Tank consists of orange/white swordtails, 4 cory catfish, a good sized pleco, and 3 blue gouramis.  It is pretty simple but I enjoy it and someday would love to have the space and location for a tank that’s a bit bigger than my 30 gallon.  Although I now know the responsibilities of having fish (unlike growing up when dad cleaned the tank), along with the enjoyment, I still love passing this hobby on to others when given the chance.

Anyone else ever have fish? Did they like the experience? Please share…


3 thoughts on “Day 14: A Hobby of mine

  1. I will always love angel fish because of our aquarium and memories of watching the fish – even video taping them! I have never been good at keeping an aquarium cleaned out but maybe I will one day venture into the fish / aquarium hobby. I think it would be neat to let Zoe have the responsibility of a pet too. I think you’re blog challenge is so cool – you have SO much to write about – I love you Ev – you’re a beautiful unique country treasure 😉 hehehe

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