Day 13: Fall Frenzy

This week has brought some cooler weather in.  The nights and mornings are fresh.  I know that colder weather will be here soon.  Part of me is sad that summer is over and there were so many things I didn’t do that I wanted to do.  The other part of me is excited at the new things that are “in the air” so to speak.  It’s always invigorating to have the seasons change.  I’m grateful to live in an area that has four seasons a year.  I’m the kind of person who needs change somewhat often.  I get tired of things quickly.  I need new inspiration often.  So, for me the changing of the seasons is refreshing.  I love the old one but am almost always ready for the next and what it holds.

Every fall, I have some rituals.  Not many, but I always pull out a certain James Taylor Best Hits cd and listen to it often.  It just seems to go with the season.  I also go to a local festival they have in town.  It is a BIG deal in our county and I have gone since I was a child.  Um, lets see, I love making soup when it gets colder out! Actually, soup is one of my most favorite culinary items to make.  The soup I like to make and eat the most is a simple potato soup with carrots and celery.  Following that, I enjoy vegetable or minestrone soup.  I also like pie.  I don’t eat a lot of it but fall is always a good season for pumpkin pie.  Yum Yum!

What about you? What does fall’s fresh air do to you?


One thought on “Day 13: Fall Frenzy

  1. I love to have my windows wide open in the fall and feel the crisp clean air blowing through the house!!! And I love eating your simple potato soup!! And making chili – good stuff!!

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