Day 10: If I could be any type of Pro Athlete…

I missed a day…But I’m back on track and for day 10, the topic is “What Kind of Pro Athlete Would I Be?”.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh

I was a pretty active kid growing up.  Roller skating around the house (another fond childhood memory!), swimming all summer, running everywhere I went.  I also stayed active throughout most of my teen years: playing volleyball, swim team for a short time, lifting some weights here and there.  Nowadays, running has become a main part of my workout routines…Still, I think volleyball would have to be my favorite sport of all.

Not to long ago, I posted on my addiction to the Olympics.  This got me thinking about which sport I would want to compete in as an Olympian.  It would definitely be Sand Volleyball.  Not that I’m particularly fond of baring that much of my body in public but because the USA women’s teams had an amazing time at the Olympics.  They made it look fun and simple and easy.  Not that I’m under the illusion that any of it is.  But, they were inspiring to say the least.  Especially Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.  This was the third Olympics that they had won gold at.  Amazing!!!  Unheard of….until now.

So, that is the kind of Pro Athlete I would choose to be.  What about you?

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