Day 8: Decluttering My Life

I got a book at the library the other day on decluttering and organizing.  I was really motivated just by browsing through it.  So, later that evening, I organized and cleaned out half of my dresser drawers (Going to do the other half soon!). Then, I got to thinking about the drawer next to the fridge.  Everyone has one….Come on, fess up! I know you do.  The “catch-all” drawer.  It’s where pens, pencils, paper clips, matches, small instruction manuals, fish food, old business cards and who knows what else, goes.  Well, I thought about it for a day or two.  Devised a plan.  Got some containers (I spent under $5 total!).  And, finally….ATTACKED!  Here is the before: (It’s BAD!  At first I couldn’t even get the drawer open to take the picture.)


And now, since completing this project, I feel lighter.  I know it’s only ONE drawer, but THAT drawer was really the worst drawer I had.  And It’s been that way for years.  Here is the after:


I know it’s still full. But it’s SO much better!  I’m so happy about this.  I think we don’t realize how much clutter burdens us! How much it weighs us down.  Now that this drawer is done, I really want to accomplish a task like this at least every other day until I get my entire home organized.  I know I could keep it organized if only I could have a system that works.  And I am going to find one!!! This is just the first step.  I will keep you posted on my decluttering status.  Goodnight All!


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