Day 6: Parenting

Another big topic tonight! Right now, if I had to give a summary of my parenting point of view, it would be this: Be present.  Be THE parent.  Play, work, laugh, and teach with your children.  Care more. Be consistent.  Look for ways to better yourself as a parent all the time.  Always try to be reading something on parenting or kids.  Something that will teach you and that you can put in your goody bag of parenting skills. Talk to other parents.  Observe what works and what doesn’t work.  Believe in yourself as a parent.  Be confident that you are able and are the best person to raise your children (sadly for some we all know this isn’t true, but generally speaking….).

Unfortunately, I know a few parents who just aren’t concerned with parenting at all.  It seems to me that they are flying by the seat of their pants.  They don’t have any kind of structure and you can always tell when spending time with their children.  They don’t listen.  They are into everything when they stop by for a visit.  It seems like there are no limits for these kids.  And when they leave (if they stopped by for a visit) you take a deep breath and feel a tiny bit guilty at the relief you now feel that they’re gone.  All kids can be a handful, sure…but I’m talking about young kids who lean toward the wild side.  Is it their fault or the parents?  My belief is that a parent has so so SO much influence on many aspects of their child’s behavior.  Kids will drink up the time and effort you put forth with them.  It’s hard work being a parent! But it’s worth it.  Kids want love and they want limits (even when they act like they don’t) it makes them feel safe.  As parents we need to be proactive and not just sit back and let life happen.  We have a big job but we CAN do it!!!

That’s my rant for the day….


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