Day 4: Thankfulness Today

There are many things I am thankful for today, such as:

  • That I have a job
  • That I made it home safely
  • That I have a personal relationship with Christ
  • That I have family
  • Living in the country
  • Beautiful, sunny, breezy weather
  • A healthy baby boy
  • My husband
  • Working vehicles to drive
  • Hot water (had a bath when I got home…so nice!)
  • Electricity (i’m sitting here in the dark with a little desk lamp lighting my way)

Really, the list could go on and on because this is just a short list I came up with in 3 minutes.  But there are so many things I am blessed with in my life.  So many of us Americans are blessed but we don’t always take the time to realize it and thank God for the circumstances we are in.  Some days are gonna be bad and some will be good.  But there is always something to be thankful for.


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Thankfulness Today

  1. What am I thankful for? An very wise and creative little sister. 🙂

    its so cool that you wrote about this today because tonight I talked with ZJ about thankfulness. I wrote “Be Thankful” on her chalk board. When she noticed it and asked about it I started to ask her to tell me what she is thankful for here was her response in the order that she gave:
    1. playing games
    2. playing with my babies
    3. Emily Lyons (a girl at church who is like your age lol)
    4. my green frog

    Then before we went on and on I said OK! lets go pray and tell God. So I prayed and she wanted to repeat after me so I went through her list of what she was thankful for. It was really sweet.

  2. “Every good gift and every perfect present comes from heaven! It comes down from God, the Creator of the heavenly lights!” I take this literally. As in, every morsel of food (yum), every hug from my kids (mmm), every day I’m alive I recognize whose hand provided the goodness. God, You’re so good!

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