Day 3: Favorite Place to Eat

Ok, I’m not a world traveler and I’m pretty low maintenance so this isn’t some fancy restaurant or anything.  Just a forewarning.  However, it’s not McDonalds.  But, If I got to pick where to go on a special evening in town, it would be Cracker Barrel. I think it is a fun restaurant with a nice, down home feeling to it.

Doing a little research for this post, I found that Cracker Barrel has over 600 stores in 42 states.  Cracker Barrel started from one man who wanted to create a place that made him feel at home, that reminded him of his mothers home cooking. His mission was always “pleasing people” and I think that the growth of his company from September 19, 1969 (opening day of the original Cracker Barrel) to the current day proves that he was on to something.  This entrepreneur has been obviously successful!

So, that is my favorite place to eat…affordable, yummy, variety, good atmosphere, fun!

What is your favorite spot to chow down?  I would love to know….

For more info on history of Cracker Barrel go here:


One thought on “Day 3: Favorite Place to Eat

  1. mmmmm cracker barrel is very delicious! Gotta love the concept of shopping while waiting for a seat too hehe. One of my favorites always has been Olive Garden even if it just means going in and ordering bottomless soup and salad… yum! And you an make little subways if you slice open the breadsticks and put some lettuce in there – those are some memories right there! A personal favorite for me is authentic vegetarian indian food – yum yum.

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