Day 2: A Fond Childhood Memory

Oh, there are so many! I really had a great childhood.  My overview of that time of my life is one of happiness, no burdens, innocence, family togetherness and knowing that I was loved.  I am very thankful for the way I was raised, as so many of the children of today know nothing of the love a family can give…a thought that truly saddens me.

I guess if I had to pick one, right now, on the spot, it would be this: The home I grew up in had a balcony.  There was a pretty long hallway at the top of the stairs and on the left side of this entire hallway was the balcony.  That hallway was not just a hallway but a play area for me and my next eldest sister.  Sometimes that hall would be “Barbie Playland” for weeks at a time (Looking back, I’m amazed that our mom let us keep our toys out like that!).  We would play up there for hours at a time.  It was imagination station.  Anyhow, back to the balcony part…sometimes we would tie a long piece of yarn to a basket and would give our barbies, or other toys, “rides”.  It was so much fun swinging that basket back and forth through the entire den below.  Of course, we also gave them elevator rides up and down as well.  I was pretty young but it seems to me that we got pretty wild swinging whatever basket we used throughout the air! Sometimes we would do this when we had friends over too.  Lucky mom and dad, huh!


6 thoughts on “Day 2: A Fond Childhood Memory

  1. I remember Barbie falling out more than once from that violent swinging basket, which was usually the point of the activity to begin with… Then we could run down with the Ken doll to save her and make sure she was ready to take another ride!
    I’m not sure if you realized this at the time, but that basket was attached to a beautiful (imaginary) hot air balloon.
    -“Big Sister”

  2. I absolutely love that memory of you girls. I also told you that the only thing you could ever throw over the balcony was balloons or marshmallows!!!! Look out below!!!!!!

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