Day one: Some Favorite Authors

So, the challenge begins!

Here are some of my favorite authors:
The first one is Beverly Lewis.  She primarily writes christian fiction on the Amish.  I love, love, LOVE her books!  They are so well written.  She has been in the Amish fiction scene for a long time and is a very well known author in that regard.  I just gobble down her books when a new one comes out.  I have read pretty much all of the series she’s done and they are absolutely wonderful.  Highly recommend.

Another author I really like is a non fiction writer and he is Kevin Leman.  He is a christian psychologist and his written a number of books on birth order, which is kindof his specialty.  As a “baby” (of the family), he is an entertaining and fun author who will keep you turning the pages on subjects you didn’t think you could turn pages on… a few titles of his are “Making Sense of the Men in Your Life”, “Sex begins in the Kitchen”, and “The New Birth Order Book”.

Dave Ramsey.  Another non fiction writer.  Financial advice that is sound and makes sense.  This guy is great!  I actually went and heard him in person and what he teaches really does work.  I recommend his books to anyone struggling financially.  He wrote the best seller “The Total Money Makeover”, as well as “Financial Peace” and “EntreLeadership” all great books.

One fiction writer that I really fell in love with a couple years ago is Sandra Dallas.  Her books always have twists and very interesting stories.  I would almost call her books historical fiction but that just sounds so boring….I promise you will fall in love with the characters and places in her books.  Dallas often incorporates little hints of characters from her books into each other (which I love).  So, you’re reading along and it’s like an old friend pops up very briefly and it’s so nice to see them again.  However, I will say that you do NOT have to read any of the other books to know whats going on…there are no series. They are all separate books.   Anyhow, she’s great.

Of course, I have to mention J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.  I pretty much swore I would never read them but a friend convinced me and I now know why they were such sellers.  She really is a good author and made you feel as if you were right in the middle of the story with the characters.  Very entertaining.

Well, I could probably go on and on but I don’t think you want to read on and on.  So, with that, good night!


One thought on “Day one: Some Favorite Authors

  1. This thirty day challenge sounds cool! It reminds me of something I did a while back, trying to write a song a day. It was tough, but definitely worth it. I liked reading about your favorite authors! PS Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. It really was nice…having a rough day today, so it helped uplift me!

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