Day 5: My Political Views

Conservative, conservative, conservative! I have always been conservative in my views.  I’m registered as a Republican and this year I am rooting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the election… To me it’s kindof a no brainer.  The way our country is being run is not working.  We need to get rid of debt, not accumulate, we need to protect our own, not side with other countries when our own border patrol agents get shot.  The list goes on and on and if you want more information on that, there is plenty of good reading out there if you take the time to look for it.  I’m not great at articulating my thoughts on my political views but I feel extremely strong about them.  They are very important to me as they are to many other Americans as well.

As a child, I remember becoming aware of politics and starting to become interested in them.  Today, I definitely credit that to my mom.  Thanks mom, I’m so glad you were engaged in that in your younger years.  She would play talk radio throughout the day.  And most of the time I didn’t have a clue what they were ranting and raving about, I just complained that I wanted to listen to music or whined “please change the station!”.  But it seems she probably replied “I’m listening to this, we’re going to leave it on for a while”.
I remember as a young child watching the debates when it was a presidential election year.  I went to the polls every year with my mom (again, thanks mom!) and would go in with her and push the big green vote button.  We would stay up late and watch the results later that night.  Since I turned 18, I have made it a priority to vote every year.  It is so important.

My plea if your reading is this: Stay informed, Read, Know what’s going on and Act on it!!!!! Go vote this November!!!!  I truly believe our country is at stake if we don’t make some major changes for the better.

Please note: I’m not looking for a debate, just writing a post about my political views.  I know there are a lot of people who have the same views and alot who have other views.  If you don’t like what you read here then..agree to disagree or don’t read. Thanks 🙂

Day 4: Thankfulness Today

There are many things I am thankful for today, such as:

  • That I have a job
  • That I made it home safely
  • That I have a personal relationship with Christ
  • That I have family
  • Living in the country
  • Beautiful, sunny, breezy weather
  • A healthy baby boy
  • My husband
  • Working vehicles to drive
  • Hot water (had a bath when I got home…so nice!)
  • Electricity (i’m sitting here in the dark with a little desk lamp lighting my way)

Really, the list could go on and on because this is just a short list I came up with in 3 minutes.  But there are so many things I am blessed with in my life.  So many of us Americans are blessed but we don’t always take the time to realize it and thank God for the circumstances we are in.  Some days are gonna be bad and some will be good.  But there is always something to be thankful for.

Day 3: Favorite Place to Eat

Ok, I’m not a world traveler and I’m pretty low maintenance so this isn’t some fancy restaurant or anything.  Just a forewarning.  However, it’s not McDonalds.  But, If I got to pick where to go on a special evening in town, it would be Cracker Barrel. I think it is a fun restaurant with a nice, down home feeling to it.

Doing a little research for this post, I found that Cracker Barrel has over 600 stores in 42 states.  Cracker Barrel started from one man who wanted to create a place that made him feel at home, that reminded him of his mothers home cooking. His mission was always “pleasing people” and I think that the growth of his company from September 19, 1969 (opening day of the original Cracker Barrel) to the current day proves that he was on to something.  This entrepreneur has been obviously successful!

So, that is my favorite place to eat…affordable, yummy, variety, good atmosphere, fun!

What is your favorite spot to chow down?  I would love to know….

For more info on history of Cracker Barrel go here:

Day 2: A Fond Childhood Memory

Oh, there are so many! I really had a great childhood.  My overview of that time of my life is one of happiness, no burdens, innocence, family togetherness and knowing that I was loved.  I am very thankful for the way I was raised, as so many of the children of today know nothing of the love a family can give…a thought that truly saddens me.

I guess if I had to pick one, right now, on the spot, it would be this: The home I grew up in had a balcony.  There was a pretty long hallway at the top of the stairs and on the left side of this entire hallway was the balcony.  That hallway was not just a hallway but a play area for me and my next eldest sister.  Sometimes that hall would be “Barbie Playland” for weeks at a time (Looking back, I’m amazed that our mom let us keep our toys out like that!).  We would play up there for hours at a time.  It was imagination station.  Anyhow, back to the balcony part…sometimes we would tie a long piece of yarn to a basket and would give our barbies, or other toys, “rides”.  It was so much fun swinging that basket back and forth through the entire den below.  Of course, we also gave them elevator rides up and down as well.  I was pretty young but it seems to me that we got pretty wild swinging whatever basket we used throughout the air! Sometimes we would do this when we had friends over too.  Lucky mom and dad, huh!

Day one: Some Favorite Authors

So, the challenge begins!

Here are some of my favorite authors:
The first one is Beverly Lewis.  She primarily writes christian fiction on the Amish.  I love, love, LOVE her books!  They are so well written.  She has been in the Amish fiction scene for a long time and is a very well known author in that regard.  I just gobble down her books when a new one comes out.  I have read pretty much all of the series she’s done and they are absolutely wonderful.  Highly recommend.

Another author I really like is a non fiction writer and he is Kevin Leman.  He is a christian psychologist and his written a number of books on birth order, which is kindof his specialty.  As a “baby” (of the family), he is an entertaining and fun author who will keep you turning the pages on subjects you didn’t think you could turn pages on… a few titles of his are “Making Sense of the Men in Your Life”, “Sex begins in the Kitchen”, and “The New Birth Order Book”.

Dave Ramsey.  Another non fiction writer.  Financial advice that is sound and makes sense.  This guy is great!  I actually went and heard him in person and what he teaches really does work.  I recommend his books to anyone struggling financially.  He wrote the best seller “The Total Money Makeover”, as well as “Financial Peace” and “EntreLeadership” all great books.

One fiction writer that I really fell in love with a couple years ago is Sandra Dallas.  Her books always have twists and very interesting stories.  I would almost call her books historical fiction but that just sounds so boring….I promise you will fall in love with the characters and places in her books.  Dallas often incorporates little hints of characters from her books into each other (which I love).  So, you’re reading along and it’s like an old friend pops up very briefly and it’s so nice to see them again.  However, I will say that you do NOT have to read any of the other books to know whats going on…there are no series. They are all separate books.   Anyhow, she’s great.

Of course, I have to mention J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.  I pretty much swore I would never read them but a friend convinced me and I now know why they were such sellers.  She really is a good author and made you feel as if you were right in the middle of the story with the characters.  Very entertaining.

Well, I could probably go on and on but I don’t think you want to read on and on.  So, with that, good night!

30 Day Blog Challenge

Ok, ok….I’ve decided to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I have to say, I feel kindof silly doing this though…Like I can’t come up with post ideas on my own.  However, that’s not the case.  The truth is, I have plenty of ideas but sometimes I will get halfway through a draft and worry what others will think or decide it’s not good enough or something like that.  But, this blog is for me.  It’s to say what I want and what I think.  So, the reason I decided to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge is just to get in the routine of writing and to “oil the writing gears of my mind”.   For me, this Challenge is kindof like an icebreaker at a party.  You know how you’re thinking about how uncomfortable you are and are not sure what to talk about until the host comes in and says “Hey lets play _____”.  Before you know it you’re talking, maybe even shouting and then out slips a giggle and then a laugh.  Next thing you are talking in depth with the person sitting next to you….That’s just how it goes..
And so, with this Challenge, it is the same.  I am going to “break the ice” with my thoughts.  It is going to become more natural and before I know it, I will be able to write about some of the things I couldn’t before…

I’ve also decided that I’m going to make my own 30 Day Blog Challenge list.  After looking at some of them online, I thought that I would like to make one to cater to my own self.  So, I am going to work on it tonight and post it asap.   My Challenge should begin in about 1 or 2 days.  Stay tuned!

If these walls could talk…

If these walls could talk, I’d like to know who broke into my house today…. I’d like to know what they were doing here…  I’d like to know if they took anything.  I’d like to know if they left anything.  I’d like to know if they just wanted to scare us by leaving things a little messy.

If our dog could talk, I’d ask him who stole all our tools out of our trucks and yard two nights ago.  I’d ask him what they looked like, how many people there were, if they drove or walked up the back hillside.  I’d ask him why he didn’t howl like the dickens to wake us up when people were stealing off our property.

If there’s two things I hate more than anything its a liar and a thief.  This feeling of violation and anger is hard to keep down.  I am grappling with this and it is hard.  I had a big post describing the details but I couldn’t post it…this is easier…it’s just the questions I’m left with.