Thoughts of a Deranged Fly

It seems every day we have a few straggler flys that sneak in somewhere…somehow.  They are aggravating to say the least.  I’m always wondering what’s going through their tiny brains, which lead to the inspiration for this short creative writing.  Enjoy!

Thoughts of a Deranged Fly

“Wooo-heeeee!” Thought the shiny green fly as he made a beeline toward the bathroom lightbulb.  He paused as he landed behind the light on the wall.  Taking flight again, he circled around the room three times and spotting an inhabitant of the house, swooped down gleefully toward their head.  “Ah-haha, ha ha ha!” he squealed in delight as he zoomed past their ear.  They swatted in annoyance.  “It never gets old!” he shouted.  “This is the life, I tell you!”  Landing on the toothbrush by the sink he noticed that the human was leaving the room quite quickly.  “Never mind that” brewed the little green fly as he took off to the heights of the ceiling and did a few more loops around the room.

With a light pat he ended up on the wall.  It was eerily quiet in the room instead of the buzz-buzzing that had been before.  All of a sudden, a loud smack resounded throughout the bathroom.  The fly fell to his demise.  The human had returned, flyswatter in hand.


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