Needle in a Haystack

Ok, I admit it…I’m kindof a “messie”.  My house isn’t immaculately clean.  I try…OH, how I do try.  But, for some reason, I can never seem to get a handle on it! 

I think my least favorite chore is probably laundry.  I don’t mind the washing or drying…It’s the folding and putting away that are my downfalls.  For the past one or two months, the laundry baskets (full of clean clothes) have accumulated in our bedroom.  Whenever I can’t find an article of clothing, I just search through the baskets.  It started with about 1-2 baskets of clean clothes and slowly grew to 5-6 baskets.  All of them just sitting there waiting to be attended to!

I knew that I had to get on it and fold those clothes but I just kept putting it off for something else.  Finally, after searching for baby sock matches yesterday, I decided that I had to dedicate time to get this monotonous chore done.  By the way, baby socks are probably one of the most frustratingly annoying things to find in a pile of laundry.  It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack!  You find one and are diving into the pile after what you think is a match, only to come up with another tiny baby sock that is NOT a match. 

So, it was the baby sock “chasedown” combined with my husband sitting down in defeat and saying “I can’t find anything” (refering to the clothes in the basket) that has forced me to just get it over with and do the work.  I’m not afraid of hard work, I just don’t like this chore….oh well such is life!

Anyone have any items that they think are the worst to find in a big, fresh pile of laundry???


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