The difference between love and neglect

My “stray” cat had kittens on May 10th.  She had them under the house…UNDER THE HOUSE?!?! Why would she do that to me? I was devastated when I couldn’t find out where they were at because I realllly wanted to know how many she’d had and what they looked like.  So, when they finally emerged a little over a month later, I scooped them up and brought them into the house.  It took me a little bit to get them all because they were leery of people at this point but I did it and got them inside where I could spoil them rotten and socialize them so they would be suitable pets. 

All was well for about a month.  I pulled into the driveway when I got home the other day and heard a strange “meow” coming from under my husbands truck.  At first I thought I may have let one of our kittens get outside accidently.  After further investigation I realized that it was indeed a “lost kitten”.  I felt AWFUL! GUILTY! SADDENED!  All at once.  Somehow, I must have missed a kitten because it was not out with the others.  Of course the momma cat was still outside most of the time with it but it had been without my loving tender care for a month!  She came quickly to me and was very friendly though a little scared.  She was a little skinny but by that evening she was happily curled up with the other 5 littermates.  That warmed my heart a bit. 

I guess what I’ve taken from this is that I was amazed at how neglected she was.  And yet, how quickly she became a thriving, sweet little kitten.  She ate up the attention and extra sweetness she was given and is doing great now.  Every time I think of this, my mind draws an analogy to humans especially children, who have been hurt and neglected, but still need the love and affection of others. They need someone who cares for them and can help heal their hurts. It made me sad to think of that one kitten who wasn’t really taken care of.  But, it makes me much sadder to think about the number of children who need someone in their life to show them love. 

I pray that God will use me and my family to make a difference in someone’s life, just like we made a difference to that little kitten.


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