3 Reasons I love the show, Master Chef

1. The “home cooks” are amazingly talented and brave!

They really are…these people come from all walks of live and are just amazing with food.  They are put them through some very stressful situations on ‘Master Chef’.  Everytime I watch this show I just think to myself “could you do that? could you ever cook like that?” The answer, at least at this time in my life, is No Way! As much as I wish I could, I can’t. That is why I admire alot of these “home cooks” who are participating in the show.

2. You can learn quite a bit about cooking.

This is true. Because I don’t know alot cooking in general.  I try, but I just haven’t connected with food the way I wish I could.  But, on the show, the comments that are made as Gordon Ramsey and the other judges make are very informative.  Example theres kindof a rule out there that was mentioned on the last show “if it grows together, it goes together”.  I didn’t know that and found it to be interesting.. It makes sense though.

3. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the most entertaining reality shows out there.

There are a lot of dating, dancing, and singing shows out there right now.  So, I kindof get tired of watching them.  But cooking (for home cooks)…at an advanced competitive level? I haven’t seen any others on primetime tv (which is the only kind of television I can watch as I don’t have cable or satellite).  So, there may be other shows out there, but do they really compare? I think not…


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