Goodnight Moon!

I don’t know what it is about the childrens book, Goodnight Moon.  Someone passed it on to me and I’ve been reading it to my 1 year old for the past 2 weeks.  Every night we read a couple of books but I’ve been ending with Goodnight Moon.  The first time I read it to my baby, he was just as calm as can be.  He REALLY enjoyed it.  Since then it’s become part of our routine and I think I like it as much as him.  There’s really nothing special about the book when I think about it.   And the first time I read through it I thought that the pictures were actually kindof weird.  But it has some kindof sleepy time rhymie rythm and it just works.  I guess that’s why it’s become a classic. Well, I’m tired and I’ve got to get some sleep so….Goodnight words, Goodnight friends, Goodnight nobody, Goodnight noises all around!


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